Frequently Asked Questions

For my project I had people answer questions in a survey but I did not fill out a Human Subject Form before I started my project. Do I still need one?

I did a project looking at mold, can I submit my project to the NRSEF?

I did a project that involved having people drinking pop to see if they can tell the difference between regular and diet pop. I also filled out a Human Subject form before I started. Can I submit my project to the NRSEF?

What if I can't set up my project on the Friday Registration Night? Can I set up Saturday morning before the opening ceremonies begin?

I cannot attend the Open House on the Sunday of the fair. Can I take my project home with me on Saturday after I get judged?

What happens if my project is bigger than the space allowed?

I am bringing my laptop on Saturday. Will I be able to get onto the internet at Brock?

My project requires electricity to run. Will I be able to plug my project in?

What do I bring to the fair?