Project Display

The actual size of your display is an important matter for you to keep in mind. Projects which are too large will be subject to disqualification at the fair. Here are the MAXIMUM dimensions for a project display.

     HEIGHT (from the floor to the top of the project) - 350 cm
     LENGTH (from side to side when project is set up) - 120 cm
     DEPTH (from the front of the project to its back) - 75 cm

The NRSEF provides sturdy tables for the set up of the science fair displays. The table tops are approximately 90 cm off the floor. Students wishing to use the tables (and most students do use them) are reminded to prepare displays which are of a size suitable to set on these tables without exceeding the height restriction. The sturdiest and easiest to handle display are made of light wood construction with panels attached by hinges. Avoid the use of corrugated cardboard or Bristol board, which may be deemed hazardous by a visiting fire marshal. Ensure that all papers are firmly attached to the display. Ask your science teacher for a project backboard.

Electrical outlets will be available for the use of students by request only. Due to the limited number of available electrical outlets, the NRSEF tries to accommodate as many projects that require electricity. Please note that if you require electricity for your project you will need to indicate so on the online registration form. You will receive an email at a later date asking you to provide details for your specific electrical needs to determine the necessity of power. It is the students's responsibility to supply PROPERLY GROUNDED extension cords.

Photographs of the project work in progress make excelled additions to any exhibit. Use photographs to demonstrated any hazardous materials or procedures involved in your project. So take pictures as you work on your experiment/study/innovation and you can keep them in a photo journal to add to your presentation.

This diagram shows a typical project display design:

* Check out the photo and video galleries to see projects that we've had over the past few years. They are under the Archive section of our website.