Project Judging

The science fair competition is judged by members of the scientific community. Each project is visited by a team of judges which evaluates a group of projects. In the "Forms" section of the website are samples of the scoring sheets which will be used by judges. A careful study of these sheets will help students to see the characteristics that are present in superior projects. Please note that there are three separate scoring sheets to be used for the projects which are STUDIES, INNOVATIONS, and EXPERIMENTS.

NOTE: The fair intends to use a simplified judging form for JUVENILE students (students in grades 5 and 6).

There are TWO types of Judges:

(1) Judges for Divisional Awards (where marks count);
(2) Judges for Special Awards

Some of the judges are individuals in charge of identifying projects worthy of receiving special awards. Each of this second group of judges uses an independently established set of judging criteria.

Please note that, in the competition: